Author, Speaker, Trainer, Breakthrough Coach...

Rajat Jain - Author, Speaker, Trainer & Breakthrough Coach...


Rajat Jain, Author | Speaker | Trainer | Breakthrough Coach ...

Rajat Jain

Floating Happiness

His mission is to let people become self-aware, transform their potential to the fullest, balance their

life-states viz. physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, financial and live the ultimate life.

Through Rajat’s programs on mindfulness, positive psychology and spiritual practices, he train people to become self-aware of

their thoughts, feelings, emotions and transform their current reality to live the joyful life.

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Floating Happiness

The Mission

Let go your past,      

   Live in the Present,

       Build  Future...

Rajat Jain is a Mindfulness Practitioner, Author, Speaker, Trainer, Breakthrough Coach

with multi years of mindfulness practice. 

He rose himself from dejection and hopelessness to greatness by holding the

mindfulness practices to heal himself and built a strong foundation to help people

live a blissful life.

He worked with people to dissolve the blocks and limitations which were affecting

their wealth, health and relationships and transform them by bringing more

awareness and solutions.