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​​​​'Floating Happiness' is

delightful and inspiring.

Its simplicity

brings a unique freshness

to powerful ideas."  -

Vineet Bajpai, National

Best Selling Author of

books - 'Harappa', 'Kashi', 'Pralay' and 

Founder and

Chairman of

Magnon Group

Author, Speaker, Trainer, Breakthrough Coach...

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"Who doesn't want to float in happiness always?Life gives us choices, opportunities and varied experiences.

But we should know the secrets to the joy of living. Rajat Jain's wonderful work would definitely aid us in discovering happiness through simple but powerful steps. An inspirational book indeed"​​ Dr. Sibichen K Mathew, IRS & Best Selling Author of books - 'When the Boss is Wrong' and 'Making people pay'

Rajat Jain

'Floating Happiness' was seen in World Book Fairs at Chennai and Delhi. 

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A conscious life is a deliberate and thought-out life. 

Book will help you to listen to yourself, become self-aware and make the right choices.

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