"Rajat's work is a laudable attempt to infuse a sense of empowerment about one's own state of being." - Deep Ghatak, Author of books - 'Fish in the Paneer Soup' and 'Ticket to India'

My takeaway from Rajat's amazing Mindfulness session - 'It is not easy

but it is simple' - Corporate Client

Mindfulness workshop conducted with Greenwood High School, Bangalore

"Rajat's work helped to open up avenues to our

inner potentials yet to be explored within us,

avenues leading to experience inner peace

and happiness." - Seema K Jayaraman, Poetess

and Author of book 'Wings of Rhapsody'. 

KeyNote Speaker on 'Positive Psychology' at GAIL Conference

Author, Speaker, Trainer, Breakthrough Coach...

Mindfulness workshops conducted in Meeting (War) Rooms with corporate clients 

Interviews/ Meetings with Celebrities​

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Rajat Jain

"Rajat's work triggers the conscious awareness in this present age." - Shampa Ganguli, Founder of Citility