"Rajat's work triggers the conscious awareness in this present age." - Shampa Ganguli, Founder of Citility

Interviews/ Meetings with Celebrities​

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"Rajat's work helped to open up avenues to our

inner potentials yet to be explored within us,

avenues leading to experience inner peace

and happiness." - Seema K Jayaraman, Poetess

and Author of book 'Wings of Rhapsody'. 

KeyNote Speaker on 'Positive Psychology' at GAIL Conference

My takeaway from Rajat's amazing Mindfulness session - 'It is not easy

but it is simple' - Corporate Client

Author, Speaker, Trainer, Breakthrough Coach...

Rajat Jain - Author, Speaker, Trainer & Breakthrough Coach...

Mindfulness workshop conducted with Greenwood High School, Bangalore

Floating Happiness
Floating Happiness

Mindfulness workshops conducted in Meeting (War) Rooms with corporate clients 

"Rajat's work is a laudable attempt to infuse a sense of empowerment about one's own state of being." - Deep Ghatak, Author of books - 'Fish in the Paneer Soup' and 'Ticket to India'

Rajat Jain

Rajat Jain, Author | Speaker | Trainer | Breakthrough Coach ...